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Scratch cards have been around for ages and people love them!!

They are one of the most effective, profitable and proven methods of promotion.

Why?  Because people absolutely love to win something!!

Win Prizes! Winner! You Win!

See how powerful these words are? You ‘feel’ something ‘exciting’ when you read these powerful words, don’t you?

Why do people love scratch cards? For many reasons:

1. Winning gifts and prizes is something that all people absolutely love!
2. Not time consuming at all. All one has to do is scratch for a few seconds and possibly win something valuable!
3. Involve that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm!
4. What one stands to lose by not scratching?  People are afraid they might lose ‘gold’ if they don’t scratch.
5. What one stands to win by scratching?  What’s under that silver layer?  Could be a winner.  Could be a grand prize winner.  Scratch cards invoke that irresistible feeling and tugs at a person’s curiosity string!

Many organizations have used scratch cards as an effective marketing tool, and they have spent millions of dollars to physically create these scratch cards to hand to their clients.

With the technology that is available to us today, wouldn’t it be a great and smart idea to implement digital scratch cards in your marketing campaign…especially when people are on the go and are on their smartphones and tablets?

Absolutely!!!  And for a modest investment, you, too, can incorporate digital scratch cards in your marketing promotions!!

Offer any type of prize to winners to entice them to visit your establishment and spend money.  The prize could be “Buy One Get One Free” or “30% Off Your Next Purchase” or “Free Dinner For Two With The Purchase Of Two Drinks”…the possibilities are endless!  And when people play scratch off games and actually WIN, studies have shown that over 85% of scratch card winners redeem their winning scratch card!  That alone could equate to more business for you!!

Scratch cards are The ULTIMATE Client Engagement & Retention Tool!!  Interact with your clients…engage them…and retain them as clients so they do not go to your competitor.

Now do you see how beneficial and important to your organization’s bottom line it is to have digital scratch cards incorporated into your marketing mix?  So what are you waiting for?  Your competitor to get them?

Get your digital scratch card marketing campaign today!!

What is included in your investment:

  • Unlimited Digital Scratch Cards
  • 2 regular prize, 1 grand prize (you set the odds)
  • Extra prizes: $100/prize up to 3 extra
  • Responsive Web Page
  • Custom Design To Match Your Business

HOSTING:  $25/month


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