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Take Your Business Mobile And Capture Clients On their Mobile Devices!

Mobile Websites are a quick and easy way to take your business online especially if your business is just starting out and doesn’t have a huge budget to allocate to more expensive mobile services.

With a mobile website, you can quickly deploy your information to visitors on the go by optimizing your site to smartphones and tablets.

Do not let your budget prevent you from getting a mobile website!  Your business and its future may depend on it!!

The My Mobi QuikSite Is A Quick, 1 Page Mobile WebPage That Has The Following:

  • Business Logo or Brand
  • Simple Summary Of What Your Business or Brand Offers
  • Click to Call/Click To Text
  • 3 Social Media Links of Your Choice
  • Google Map Locator
  • Contact Form

Below are a few benefits to having a mobile website:

  1. Designed Specifically for Mobile.  A mobile website can cost significantly less than a responsive website or a standard desktop website because it is created only for smartphones and tablets and to capture visitors on the go.
  2. Faster Loading Time.  Clients hate to wait for websites to load on their tablets and smartphones.  A mobile website designed specifically for mobile devices only will load faster on a visitor smartphone and tablet thereby saving the client time and retaining the client so they can see what you have to offer to benefit them.
  3. Better User Engagement.  Mobile websites have features that engage the user such as Click To Call and Click to Text features along with other client engagement features.  These features persuade the client, at his or her convenience, to perform a call to action right from your site.
  4. Portability.  Clients can access your mobile website from any mobile device and any operating system.

Your investment in a My Mobi QuikSite includes:

  • 1 page
  • Contact form
  • Click To Call/Click To Text Feature
  • Google Map Locator
  • Support from MY MOBI SERVICES


Does not apply.

Hosting (optional):

  • $25/month






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