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Stay Ahead Of The Trend…Or Lose Business To Your Competitor That Does!

If your business has a website that is not responsive, chances are you are losing 45% of potential clients that visit websites from their smartphone and tablets.

Mobile is the wave of the future, and most individuals and businesses are redesigning their websites to accommodate visitors on the go.  If you need an efficient yet cost effective solution that works, you should definitely have a responsive website.

Click Here to read Forbes Magazine article on why your business should have a responsive website.

If your business needs a responsive website, consider us to build you a responsive site that scales fluidly across all devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets).

Here’s a few of the many benefits your business can expect from My Mobi Services and a responsive website:

  1. Google Loves Responsive Sites.  Responsive sites are SEO friendly and centrally located which means that you do not have to invest in a separate mobile website.
  2. Responsive Websites Are SEO Friendly.  If you plan on taking your business to the next level and are considering optimizing your website for SEO, Google hates duplication of content which you would have if you had a regular website and a separate mobile website.  Responsive websites take that pain and hassle away.
  3. Fluidity.  Probably one of the best benefits of having a responsive website because your content will scale and adjust to provide an aesthetically beautiful experience to your visitor no matter what device they are visiting your website from.
  4. Staying Ahead Of the Competition.  Chances are your competitor does not have a responsive website…yet.  Take advantage of mobile customers by having your site responsive so you can provide that great user experience and create consumer loyalty.  that way, when your competitor comes along and chooses to use us to build a responsive site, you will have already grasped those clients and turned them into loyal customers.
  5. Increased Conversion and Sales.  If a user visits your website and encounters a problem on their preferred device, you are likely to lose that potential business.   However, if the potential customer can access your website with ease from any device, they are unlikely to switch to a competitor.  Enhancing a users journey and experience will increase sales and improve conversion rates.

Your investment in a responsive website to increase your business includes the following:

  • 5 Pages
  • Contact Form
  • 20 images and/or 10 videos
  • Responsive Layout to accommodate all devices for ease of use
  • Support from MY MOBI SERVICES


  • Pages: $25/page
  • Forms: $7/form
  • Images: $1/image
  • Videos: $5/video

Hosting (optional)

  • $25/month

Invest NOW in your responsive website…before your competitor does!!


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