4 Mobile Website Tips

New and advanced technologies are paving the way in terms of businesses and commerce growth.  New and improved digital platforms are being created every day to help businesses reach out to their target market and generate more sales.

If you think digital technologies have advanced at lightning speeds over the past decade, wait until you see what’s in store over the coming months and years.  Recent research shows that digital media and technology is expected to grow at even faster rates in the next few years.

One of the main forms of digital growth being seen today is mobile device usage.  Everyone uses their mobile phones every single day – several times per day.  But mobile phones are no longer just for making phone calls.  In fact, people are spending more time surfing the web via their mobile devices today than ever before.

While on the go, people tend to look for local business information right from their mobile devices.  This means they are looking at mobile websites.  Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a mobile-friendly website yet.  In fact, many of them are not even aware that their websites are almost impossible to view on most mobile devices.

Here are a few tips to help you think about how to start mobilizing your web presence:

Check for Mobile Plug-ins

  • If your website is a Content Management System like Wordpress, check out some of the mobile plug-ins that may be available to mobilize your website.  Plug-ins have to be configured correctly in order to work so use caution if you are doing it yourself.

Create a Separate Mobile Version of Your Website

  • If you have an HTML website, it’s best to have a mobile version of your website built.  This way, whenever someone tries to go to your website from a mobile device, they will be directed to the mobile version instead of your main website.  This will allow them to have a pleasant experience and find exactly what they need without a bunch of hassle. 

Don’t Use Flash on Your Mobile Website

  • As much as possible, avoid using flash application on your mobile website as it isn’t supported by most mobile settings.  In addition, flash makes your website take forever to load, which makes the viewer leave the site out of frustration.  So if you want to attract visitors to your website, don’t do flash.

 Only Include Important Information on Your Mobile Website 

  • Since mobile phone screens are relatively smaller compared to a computer, you can only put so much information on a mobile website.  Therefore, think about what your potential customers would be looking for when they visit your website on their mobile devices.  Most people who are “on-the-go” are usually looking for a phone number, hours of operation, or  directions to your establishment. So make sure information such as this is readily available on your mobile website.    

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