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About Us


My Mobi Services  is a mobile solutions firm located in Los Angeles, CA.  The firm provides complete mobile marketing solutions to individuals looking to brand themselves or small/medium size businesses looking to attract more clients to their establishment and increase their revenue and bottom line profits and decrease their advertising expenses.

My Mobi Services was founded by Pavon Dunbar, a 36 year old freelance web developer.  He created My Mobi Services to offer individuals and small businesses the opportunity to market their product, service, or brand to clients through their smartphone, tablet, and other mobile device.

The mobile revolution is upon us.  Those individuals and firms that capitalize on it will be ahead of the pack.  Those that don’t will be left behind.  It’s that simple.  If you are looking for an efficient yet cost effective way to target clients on their mobile devices without breaking your bank account, let’s talk so you can discover the options available to you that best suit you or your business’s needs, goals, and objectives.


Our Mission


The mission of My Mobi Services is to:

  • provide individuals and small/medium size businesses the opportunity to incorporate affordable, cost effective services in their marketing mix by targeting clients via their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device
  • increase brand awareness, revenues, and bottom line profits for individuals and organizations, and
  • slash advertising expenses
  • help individuals and organizations acquire new clients and retain existing clients by utilizing engaging and efficient client acquisition and retention tools that won’t break an individual or firm’s marketing budget

Our Vision


My Mobi Services has a clear path and vision to the future:

To become the premier provider of cost effective and affordable mobile marketing solutions to individuals and small businesses seeking to increase revenue, brand awareness, and profits all while cutting advertising expenses to acquire new clients and successfully retaining existing clients.

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