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As you may know, you need 3 fundamental things to run a successful website:

A Domain Name


An SSL Certificate**

**As of this writing, Google has implemented a new policy where websites without an SSL certificate will be presented with the dreaded "This website cannot be trusted" page and will ask visitors if they would like to proceed.  This policy can be very dangerous to you as a website owner because visitors will be a little skeptical or hesitant to enter in sensitive information on your website. That is why an SSL Certificate is required.

My Mobi Services has partnered with a very prominent merchant who offers domain names, hosting, and SSL Certificates at affordable and competitive prices to individuals and small/medium size businesses looking to brand themselves online.

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1. Register your domain name at Get A Domain Name Today.  Domains start as low as $6.00/year!

2. Now that you have your domain in place, you need to get an SSL Certificate. Get your SSL Certificate for your website at Get SSL Today.  Standard SSL Certificates start at $23.00/year and Wildcard SSL Certificates start at $118.00/year. If you wish to have subdomains such as protected with SHA-256 SSL encryption, you need to get the Wildcard SSL certificate to protect ALL your subdomains.

3. Finally, you need hosting for your website.  A hosting account houses your files and directories so your website can operate on the Internet.

a) For shared hosting, go to Fast Flash Hosting.  They have competitive and affordable hosting options.  This option is great for new websites that are starting out.

b) For cloud, dedicated, or VPS hosting, check out Get Your VPS Today.  Enterprise hosting solutions start at $85.00/month with a dedicated IP.  This option is perfect for                                                 anyone who wishes to have their own server and not have to share it with anyone as well as have more flexibility and control of their server.

4. Email us at [email protected] when you are done along with the service you would like to have for your business or brand.  We will verify the above and if all checks out, you will get 30% off your order.

You can use this discount on top of other discounts here as well.  The 30% discount will succeed the previous discount.  Here's an example:

Digital Scratch Card is $997.00. You have a coupon code for $200 OFF. This is the total amount you would pay for the service:

$997 - Digital Scratch Card Service

- $200 - Coupon Code Discount

= $797 - Subtotal

- $239. 10 - 30% discount of $797 subtotal

= $557.90 - Final Price You Will Pay

Important Note: these discounts must be used simultaneously.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page here.